Types of contact lens

There are many types of lenses on the market today and because we are an independent opticians we have the freedom to choose the best lenses for you regardless of the brand. We are supplied by all the large international contact lens manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson Acuvue and smaller bespoke companies such as Ultravision.

We supply all lenses on an easy to pay system called ‘Practice Plan’ or on a pay as you go basis; simply ask for details.

The main types of contact lenses are described below:

  • Daily soft disposable contact lenses
  • Fortnightly & monthly replacement soft contact lenses
  • Soft extended wear lenses
  • Rigid contact lenses
  • Soft toric lenses for astigmatism
  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Contact lenses for irregular corneas

Soft daily contact lenses

These are the most commonly prescribed type of contact lenses, they adapt to your eyes quickly and are often comfortable straight away. Daily disposables are one of the most popular lenses available on the market today. These lenses are designed to be worn only for one day and then thrown away. The ease of use makes them ideal for people with active lifestyles including sporting activities or for the occasional wearer. These are also available in daily toric and multifocal lenses.

Two weekly & monthly replacement soft contact lenses

These have many of the benefits of a soft contact lens but are more cost effective. This type of lens is often suggested for those who have larger prescriptions including astigmatism. Obviously these lenses require regular cleaning, but with modern day solutions this routine is easy and quick.

Extended wear soft contact lenses

Extended wear or ‘continuous wear’ lenses allow more oxygen to reach your cornea allowing wearers to sleep in their contact lens and wake up with clear vision. The newer lenses made from a silicone hydrogel material are considered super-permeable and they have been approved for 30 days’ wear without removal. Some gas permeable lenses can also be  worn for up to a month at a time. Even if you don't feel comfortable wearing the lenses for the full time period, you can take them out at extended wear intervals that best suit you.

These lenses are not suitable for everyone. We will tell you after a consultation if they would suit your eyes.

Rigid contact lenses

Rigid lenses are made from plastics and are less flexible than soft lenses but are more durable and do not need to be replaced as often. This type of lens can be more suitable for a wider range of prescriptions. Although, some users may find them a little less comfortable than soft lenses. However, once you have adapted to the lenses you will be able to wear them all day without even noticing you have them on.

Soft toric contact lenses for astigmatism

Astigmatism simply means that your cornea is a different shape from that of a normal eye. In a normal eye, the clear lens at the front of the eye, is round, allowing light rays to focus evenly on the retina at the back of the eye. In an astigmatic eye, the cornea is oval, like an egg, preventing the light rays from correctly focusing on the retina. Soft toric contact lens were specifically designed to correct astigmatism without the use of spectacles.

Multifocal contact lenses

If you are having difficulty reading things close up, you are probably experiencing presbyopia, a naturally occurring condition of the eyes that starts to affect people in their 40s. In the past people turned to bifocals and reading glasses to gain unimpaired vision for all distances. Now there are a range of high quality multifocal contact lenses on the market that deliver good vision for near, far and in between without the need for glasses.

Contact lenses for irregular corneas

There are various medical conditions that can cause an irregular cornea and make it difficult for patients to get good vision correction. For patients with keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post-graph or post-refractive surgery, where irregularites in the cornea have made it impossible to get good corrected vision from spectacle wear, we fit the Kerasoft IC contact lens.