Guidelines on contact lens wear

At Darnall Opticians we want you to get the best performance from your contact lenses whilst maintaining healthy eyes. We therefore ask you to adhere to our simple guidelines on contact lens wear.

We advise you to refrain from doing any of the following:

  • Please don’t rinse or store your contact lenses or contact lens case in tap water or saline (salt water).
  • Never share your contact lenses. 
  • Please don’t change your cleaning solution brand without consulting your practitioner.
  • Don’t wear your lenses for longer than prescribed. 
  • Refrain from swimming in your contact lenses, or using them in a sauna or hot tub.
  • If you have any problems such as redness, soreness or your vision becomes blurry remove your lenses and please contact us.

We do advise you to do the following:

  • Wash and dry your hands before you handle your contact lenses.
  • Replace your contact lens case regularly and clean it each week with boiling water, allowing it to air dry.
  • Use fresh contact lens solution every day. 
  • Put on any eye make up after inserting your contact lenses.
  • Stay up to date with aftercare appointments and eye examinations; this will ensure your eyes stay healthy.
  • You should inform your employer if you wear contact lenses; some occupations require the use of safety eyewear in addition to contact lenses.
  • Please keep us informed about changes in your general health or medications, it is generally best to stop contact lens wear should you become ill.
  • Following any eye infection dispose of your contact lenses, case and solution.
  • Have a spare up to date pair of spectacles to hand so you are not tempted to wear your contact lenses more than you should.

Check your own eyes!

Routinely ask yourself these questions: 
Do my eyes look good? — do you notice any unusual redness? 
Do my eyes feel good in my lenses? — do you feel discomfort? 
Do I see well? — are you experiencing unusual blurring?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms leave your lenses out and consult your optometrist ASAP.