Consultation and fitting contact lenses

There are many steps involved in arriving at a prescription for contact lenses. We offer a personal contact lens fitting service, which aims to suit each individual’s needs. The contact lenses are usually soft however depending on your personal needs and best visual outcome possible, a hard (rigid gas permeable) lens may be offered.

An eye examination is normally required every two years and contact lens after-care appointments every year. 9321871068 d4f2416495 o

At your first appointment please bring with you:

  • Your current spectacles
  • A written up to date prescription (within the last 12 months)
  • Contact lenses, case & solutions if currently worn 
  • A list of your medications if taken
  • A completed Dry Eye Questionnaire

At Darnall Opticians we use letter (or picture) charts and a retinal camera which allows us to keep photographic images of the inner eye with your clinical records. This enables us to ensure your eyes have the best possible care, and monitor any subtle changes in the health of your eyes while you are wearing contact lenses.

After assessing the health of the eyes, we will discuss the various types of contact lenses with you. Your visual needs, lifestyle and other factors may influence the decision of which type of lenses to prescribe. A trial lens will then be placed on the eye, so that we can assess the fit of the lens. Several trial lenses may need to be used to arrive at the best possible fit and you can decide if they really do provide the comfort and clarity of vision which you require.

You will be instructed on how to put the lenses in and out of your eyes, as well as how to clean and maintain the lenses. We will usually reassess the lenses after they have been worn for a week or two, in order to make sure that the lenses are fitting and performing properly and that you are not having any difficulties. It is sometimes necessary to alter the lens prescription at this point to solve any problems which may have arisen. 


Aftercare for contact lens wearers

Contact lens wearers will require regular eye examinations to reduce the risk of complications from eye infections. While serious complications are rare, some conditions may not be noticed by wearers, so it is important that you are seen by a qualified optometrist on a regular basis.

If you encounter a problem with your contact lenses or feel your eye has a problem requiring urgent attention: