In 2011-2013  we conducted a series of market research. The findings were simple;


- A growing demand for affordable quality eye care.


- Patients increasingly frustrated by lack of appointment times.


- Paying over the odds and quite frankly being 'ripped off'.


- Patients not feeling like they had minor eye conditions treated effectively.



With this in mind, we established a community opticians to deliver high quality
eye care and eyewear at an affordable cost.

We have a qualified in house optometrist who is not only a fully qualified
Optometrist but is also an Independent Prescribing Optometrist so
rest assure that you will be getting a gold star service. 

Our Optometrist is the ONLY Independent Prescribing Optometrist within Sheffield.

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This store has quickly established a reputation for eye care based on sound professional advice and a continuity of care.


We are receiving many requests for eye examinations from further afield. To deal with this upsurge in demand, we are now planning on expanding our business to service this demand.